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Moving is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting when it is next door; imagine moving cross-country to an area you are not familiar with. Add to it the start of a new job, leaving behind friends or family, changing schools, and meeting new people, and you can see why it has earned the right to be #3 on the list of top 10 stressors in life.

The major stress points of relocation include:

  • Compacted time frame to sell a house, buy a new one, move and set up life in the destination city
  • Multiple long-distance decisions required with new norms, expectations and processes
  • Moving to an area that you may not be familiar with at all or that has changed drastically
  • Financial expense of a long-distance move, interim housing or double living expenses
  • Separation of the family unit during a work-related move

3 Main Reasons Why People Relocate

  1. Corporate relocation for employment
  2. Family change or health concern
  3. Ready for a change (moving towards something better)

With each of these three reasons, the timing of a sale of a home to avoid double living expenses, hitting a job start date, or making the goal date of the arrival with your household goods requires an experienced Realtor to help with the total plan.

Families who relocate have so many pieces of the puzzle to put together in a short period of time and an experienced Realtor has learned a great deal about relocation from the many families that they have helped over the years. Accurate market information is also critical to the success of the move, as well as introductions to experts in the destination city so that they can work in unison to time closings and move out and move in.

Decisions and Deadlines

Regardless of why you are relocating, there are many time-sensitive decisions to make and deadlines to hit that require careful consideration and planning. Almost everyone underestimates the time needed and the associated expenses of a move.

Rarely does someone pack up and move without a call coming to me that goes something like this: “We ran out of time and had to get on the road, do you have anyone that can get in here today to clean the house? Oh, and there are some things that would not fit on the truck, can you donate them to a charity or get them to the dump? Closing is tomorrow and the walk through is tonight, HELP!”

Destination City

Multiple decisions must be made long distance in a short amount of time in regard to the destination city, including:

  • Which Realtor should I hire to represent me in the purchase of a new home?
  • What is the cost of living and housing cost?
  • What part of town do I want to live in?

You will need to choose new doctors and coordinate forwarding medical records, transfer driver’s licenses, auto registration, register for schools, and make deposits for utility companies, all while learning your way around the new town. You will likely feel lost and unsure of your decisions. All of this is being done while grieving the loss of friends, worrying about your children adjusting, and dealing with anxiety over making new friends or the new job.

Financial Cost of a Move

Many people underestimate the cost of a relocation. The actual move cost is based upon pounds loaded on the truck and miles. A good place to begin in reducing the cost is to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need to reduce moving expenses. We have several companies that we recommend to our clients that buy anything and everything from junk to treasures. We also have a list of charities that pick up unwanted items for tax donations, too.

Fear of The Unknown

Getting orientated to a new city can be fun and exciting as you try new restaurants and activities but, getting lost, finding new doctors, dentists and starting new schools with anxious children is not fun at all. This, plus the unknown financial expenses and cost of living differences add to the stress of relocation. Just know everything you are feeling is normal and with time you will settle in and be comfortable again. Our Team helps buyers relocating to the Triangle area by giving them a referral package of places and people we recommend in the area. If you’re relocating out of our area, we can find a Realtor to represent you who will offer this same type of service to help you easily adjust to your new destination.

Departing City

  • Decisions regarding your departing city typically include:
  • Which Realtor should I hire to represent me?
  • How much can I sell my home for?
  • What will I net from the sale in order to buy a new one?
  • How long will it take to sell?
  • How fast can it go on the market?
  • Should it be shown vacant or with furniture?
  • What should I budget to prepare my home for sale?
  • What if it does not sell on time?
  • Can I financially carry this home plus my living expenses in the new area at the same time? If the answer is yes, then for how long?
  • How am I going to time all this move?

We are realtors with years of experience we can really help ease the stress by helping you to plan, execute, and know what you don’t know. The departing city Realtor also works closely with the destination city Realtor to coordinate the details that must be timed together. Details such as closing date, move out and move in dates, transfer of funds from the sale to the purchase, are all things your Realtors are trained to help you with.

We also coordinate the entire closing on this end and do everything in advance so that our relocating sellers can get on the road earlier to help ease the stress of the drive and time-sensitive tasks on the other end.

Relocation Action Items

  1. Call Alla Panteleeva 727-251-4004 for a Realtor referral in your destination city. We work with all 3rd party relocation companies and have a network of the very best of the best Realtors in the world. When relocating, you desperately need to connect to an expert in your destination area for advice, coordination of events, interim housing and to find your new home.
  2. Get rid of junk – go through the attic, basement, garage, closets and drawers. Toss out, donate, or sell anything and everything you have not touched for a year. We will provide a list of charity pick-ups and places to sell valuables.
  3. Prepare your house to win a top-dollar, quick sale by following the advice of our professional home stager.
  4. Consult with Alla’s Team about options for selling the house vacant or staged
  5. Gather facts and figures:
    • How much will I net from my sale?
    • What will it cost me to buy and live in the new area?
    • What will my physical move cost?
    • What shall I budget for deposits required for new cable, utility accounts, insurance and taxes?
  6. Always have a Plan B. Your Realtor will be able to help you with this as well.
  7. We have a special program that can work well for a seller who is relocating:

    We Will Sell Your House, Condo or Investment Property in Tampa Bay Guaranteed Within 60 days or We Work for You For FREE. Call Alla Panteleeva Today 727-251-4004 To See if Your Property Will Qualify

How Can We Help Reduce Stress and Accomplish Your Goals?
To reduce the time on market which will cost you money and for your home to appeal to the most buyers, always hire a Realtor that provides a professional home stager as part of their services. A professional home stager does not mean the Realtor tells you what to do; it means a professional comes into your home and makes suggestions based on decorating and design. Please trust me on this – I have been in a lot of Realtors’ homes and they are not that good at decorating. You probably do not really want to hear what they think. Realtors bring market knowledge, advertising, negotiation skills not decorating ideas!

We have you meet with our professional home stager who is much better than we are at picking paint colors and arranging furniture to show off your space. Our Team has everything you need to get a house ready fast. Time is not your friend when you are relocating. Our goal is to take your burdens away through guidance, project managing, vacant home checks and aggressive marketing that reaches millions of buyers causing our homes to sell faster.

We Provide:
  • Professional staging
  • Project managing at no additional cost
  • Reliable vendors
  • Vacant home service
  • Higher sales prices in half the time

Contact us today 727-251-4004 or via email to see how we can get your home sold fast and for the most money possible!